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coaching at the highest level

How to start:

There are 2 ways to receive coaching from Austin:

1. Book a coaching session in-studio or online

2. Join the waitlist for Austin's private coaching group to receive weekly or bi-weekly coaching (save 40%!)

book a session

Either in-studio or online - click below to get instant feedback from a world-class vocal coach!

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At the Studio

save 40%

Join Austin's private coaching group!  Only 12 students are accepted into this group at a time.  Sign up here, and we'll let you know when an opening is available!


“I have been taking lessons from Austin for about 8 months now. I had no prior experience with singing when I started. Austin’s advice and lessons are incredibly helpful and my voice has come a long way. I now sing with more power, better pitch and tone. I have also developed vibrato from the vocal exercises he has taught me. Austin’s lessons are comfortable, personalized and very effective!"

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Studio Address

14349 65 ave Surrey BC



236 999 2525


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